On Cove Mountain: Memoir of a Prodigal
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Only the lost can be found. On Cove Mountain is the true story of author Ian Duncan’s commitment to a mental institution in 2001 and his sixteen-year battle to escape the stigma, trauma, and legal consequences arising from his hospitalization. Here, in unflinching detail, he describes his passage from confinement in a padded cell to freedom on the peculiar mountain that became the setting for his spiritual sojourn. On Cove Mountain relates the shockingly commonplace ways a nice young man goes gently mad, and the odyssey undertaken to find freedom, self-understanding, and peace. This is the story of one man’s exchange of depression for joy, bondage for victory, loneliness for love. This is the story of how he was found.

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The Highly Acclaimed Cordyceps Trilogy

Until now, it has never enjoyed a host so sophisticated as homo sapiens. But now south Florida residents watch, horror-stricken, as many of their own friends and neighbors begin climbing light poles, billboards, and radio towers with blank, zombie-like gazes. Cordyceps spores have taken root inside them. It makes them climb higher…to sprout.

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About Ian Duncan


Ian Duncan is the author of the Cordyceps Trilogy, including, Cordyceps (2012), its sequel Cordyceps Resurgentis (2013), and the long-awaited Cordyceps Victoriosis. Ian is currently at work on a memoir and blogs about life, parenting, and lumberjacking at www.ourwriting.life. Ian writes everything from zombie novels to creative nonfiction to the fictional memoirs of treasure hunters, all of which he finds infinitely more enjoyable than the reports he used to write for the lending industry. He continues to adamantly maintain that none of his former bosses are ever portrayed as zombies in his books.

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